E165: Jerome Dennis

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This week Beth and Wendy discuss the case of Jerome Dennis, an American convicted serial killer who, while on parole for a prior rape conviction, allegedly kidnapped and murdered five women and girls in two cities in Essex County, New Jersey between 1991 and 1992. This episode was suggested to us by Milton and researched by Minnie.

First, we dive into the setting (10:52), the killers early life (23:58) and the timeline (28:15).  Then, we get into the investigation & arrest (38:55), “Where are they now?” (47:37) followed by our takeaways and what we think made the perp snap (51:11).  

As usual we close out the show with some tips on how not to get murdered and our shout outs (57:46). 

This episode was researched & scripted by Minnie Williams.

Thanks for listening! This is a weekly podcast and new episodes drop every Thursday, so until next time… look alive guys, it’s crazy out there!


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