E184: SERIAL KILLER – Juan David Ortiz

This week, in part 1 of this story, Beth and Wendy discuss the case of Juan David Ortiz, a Border patrol agent in Laredo, TX, who went on a nearly two-week-long “serial killing spree” in September of 2018, murdering four women and attempting to murder a 5th. First, we dive into the setting (10:24), the... Continue Reading →

E181: Matthew Emmanuel Macon

Matthew Emmanuel Macon, aka The Monster of Mid-Michigan, terrorized the city of Lansing, Michigan in the 2000s. There were numerous sexual assaults and beatings in Lansing not officially linked to Macon, but very likely done by him, before his crimes escalated to murder. His victims were of various races and ethnicities, but most were middle-aged... Continue Reading →

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