Episode 5: Clementine Barnabet Part 2

In part 2 of our discussion about America's first black female serial killer, Clementine Barnabet we get into her wild confession, the media coverage and her trial.   Her defense attorneys claimed she was insane, but she stood trial, was found guilty of the Randall murders and she was sentenced to life at Louisiana Penitentiary at... Continue Reading →

Episode 4: Clementine Barnabet, Part 1

Clementine Barnabet has been called the first female African American serial killer.  Her case has also been referred to as the "Mulatto Axe Murders" because the victims were murdered by axe and they were members of families with mixed-race children. Mulatto is an antiquated term which was used at the time to describe people of... Continue Reading →

Episode 2: The Baseline Killer, Part 2

Part Two; The Baseline Killer Con't The serial rapist has been tied to some robberies, and then murders. Police are on the hunt for the killer. Georgia Thompson Kristin Nicole Gibbons Tina Washington Tina's Ring Chao "George" Chou and Liliana Sanchez Cabrera Romelia Vargas and Mirna Palma Roman Romelia Vargas and Mirna Palma Roman Crime... Continue Reading →

Episode 1: The Baseline Killer, Part 1

It started out as a series of rapes that began along Baseline road in Phoenix in August of 2005. At first, the crimes seemed isolated, but then they began to be connected. The person committing these crimes was dubbed The Baseline Rapist. It wasn’t that long ago, and it’s a little hard to believe, but... Continue Reading →

Introducing Fruitloops!

Contrary to popular belief, not all serial killers are white. There are many well documented cases of serial killers of color and Fruitloops is a podcast all about them. We’ll take deep dives in to the fascinating lives and crimes of the serial killers and true crimes committed by people of color that media and... Continue Reading →

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