Episode 15: Swift Runner

In this episode Beth and Wendy talk about Swift Runner, a Canadian Cree from Alberta, who committed his crimes in 1879.  He killed and ate his family and he claimed his actions were the fault of the Wendigo.  We get into all of North American Racism and the intense harm it caused, Cree Culture, and the... Continue Reading →

Episode 14: The Wichita Massacre

On Episode 14 Beth and Wendy discuss the Wichita Massacre.  We talk about the terrifying crime spree that the Carr Brothers wrought on Wichita in December 2000.  We discuss their terrible childhoods and details of the crime spree.  The details provided by one of the surviving victims are horrifying.  Listen at your own discretion. Shout... Continue Reading →

Episode 13: Kimberly McCarthy

In episode 13 Beth and Wendy discuss the life and crimes of Kimberly McCarthy, a black woman who brutally murdered 3 elderly women for financial gain. We discuss the city of Dallas in the 80's and 90s. We also discuss how race and poverty contributed to the story at the time. We wrap up the... Continue Reading →

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