Bonus: BSP – Believer Skeptic Podcast

Today we have a special episode for you, from our friends Cody and Chris, who have a podcast called BSP: Believer Skeptic Podcast.  BSP is an LGBTQ comedy podcast that delves into strange and humorous phenomena, including seeing Jesus on your toast, supernatural sightings, crypto-zoology, and more! Cody and Chris discuss both sides of phenomena... Continue Reading →

Bonus: Captain Hunter & Daryl Davis

Today we have a special episode for you, from our friend Lawrence Hunter, who has a podcast called Captain Hunter’s Podcast. Captain Hunter is a person of color and a former police officer, and his goal is to bridge the gap between police and the communities they serve. He often has tough conversations about policing... Continue Reading →

E107: Emanuel Lovell Webb

This week Beth and Wendy discuss Emanuel Lovell Webb, a black man who killed four women in Bridgeport, Connecticut, between 1990 to 1993. Additionally, he killed a fifth woman in Georgia in 1994. Also, we should let you know that this is the last episode we will be doing for the next month. We are... Continue Reading →

E106: The Austin Axe Murderer

This week Beth and Wendy have a present for y’all, a mystery. We don’t usually cover unsolved cases, but this is our gift to you on this holiday. Today we are talking about the Austin Axe Murderer, an American presumably male identifying individual who was never captured or identified, but who murdered 8 people between ... Continue Reading →

E105: Eddie Lee Mosley Pt 2

This week Beth and Wendy get into part 2 on the case of Eddie Lee Mosely, a Floridian serial killer and rapist. He was responsible for the sexual assaults and murders of somewhere around 8 to 100+ black women and girls, and two innocent black men were wrongfully convicted for some of those rapes and... Continue Reading →

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