Fruitloops: Serial Killer of Color is a podcast about the often untold stories of true crimes committed by people of color, and more importantly, their victims. Contrary to popular belief, not all serial killers are straight, cis, white dudes! We take deep dives into the lives and crimes of serial killers of color, and along the way, we discuss the history, culture and social environment that may have contributed to the evolution of the crimes.

In 2021, Fruitloops: Serial Killers of Color won Best Black True Crime Podcast at the Black Podcasting Awards!

Origin Story

Fruitloops started over our love of true crime podcasts and our realization that the true crime space was lacking diverse female voices, as well as the diverse stories. Rather than just waiting around for that kind of show to magically appear, we decided to create it ourselves. In July of 2018 we launched the podcast, and 100+ episodes later, we are still going strong. As a duo we host, produce and manage all aspects of Fruitloops: Serial Killers of Color.

The Hosts

Wendy is an African American/Latinx queer millennial and Beth is a GenXer and the show’s resident OG of true crime, who just happens to be white. They are just a couple of gals interested in true crime who joined forces to tell the true crime stories that you have never heard of.

Researcher & Writer

Minnie is Beth’s sister. She has lived in several different countries, and studied a variety of languages. Although her science degree is in a completely unrelated field, she applies that training toward researching and writing for the show.

Minnie is very interested in understanding diverse cultures and humans in general, and she likes to try to understand people by seeing through their eyes and imagining their experiences. This approach can be problematic for her, since the experiences we discuss in the podcast can be triggering, so she sometimes needs to take breaks to watch kitten videos.

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