S2 E6: The Jars Murderer

On this episode Beth and Wendy discuss Lam Kor-wan aka The Jars Murderer aka The Rainy Night Butcher aka The Rainy Night Killer and The Hong Kong Butcher. Lam is Chinese and he lived and worked as a taxi driver in Hong Kong. He holds the distinction of being Hong Kong’s first (recorded) serial killer.... Continue Reading →

S2 E4: Alton Coleman & Debra Brown

On this episode we get talk about killer couple, Alton Coleman & Debra Brown, who in a span of two months, assaulted, raped and murdered their way from Illinois to Michigan and down to Kentucky before authorities were finally able to capture them. We get into the killers early lives, go into detail about the... Continue Reading →

S2 E3: Maury Travis, Part 2

In Maury Travis Part 2, Wendy & Beth pick the story up right where they left off in the previous episode. Travis was apprehended and we dive into the investigation, what we think made him snap and our takeaways. Also we are asking our listeners to weigh in with #hownottogetmurdered Thanks for listening! This is... Continue Reading →

S2 E2: Maury Travis, Part 1

  Wendy and Beth begin a deep dive into the early life and crimes of the St. Louis Video Strangler, AKA Maury T. Travis. Mr. Travis is an American serial killer who tortured and murdered women while videotaping it. His crimes took place in Ferguson Missouri and in Illinois. He had 12 to 17 victims. ... Continue Reading →

Episode 15: Swift Runner

In this episode Beth and Wendy talk about Swift Runner, a Canadian Cree from Alberta, who committed his crimes in 1879.  He killed and ate his family and he claimed his actions were the fault of the Wendigo.  We get into all of North American Racism and the intense harm it caused, Cree Culture, and the... Continue Reading →

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