E77: The Murders of Jennifer Ertman & Elizabeth Peña

In this week’s episode Beth and Wendy discuss Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña, two young teenage girls who were murdered in Houston by three teenage serial killers, and some other teenage boys in 1993. We also discuss the related murder of Patricia Lourdes Lopez.  We get into the details of the story at 9:46.  Thanks for listening.  Look alive guys, it’s crazy out there.

patricia lourdes lopez.jpg
Patricia Lourdes Lopez


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How Not to Get Murdered

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That’s Sus:  A True Crime Podcast. Episode 8 Elizabeth Pena & Jennifer Ertman.  Published Oct 2, 2019.   

Just The Tip-Sters:  True Crime Podcast. Episode 87. Sounds Like Light Shattering Darkness- Jennifer Ertman, Elizabeth Pena and The Quest For Justice.  Published June 17, 2019. 


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