The Good Friday Killings

Hey Fruities! We were unable to record this week due to some personal issues, so we are releasing another Patron bonus episode, this one is Wendy’s telling of the Good Friday Killings.  

The subjects of our Patron bonus episodes are not always serial killers of color, and that is true about this episode. Also, we were still working on some sound issues when we recorded this episode, so the sound quality is not great.

In this case, two white guys went shooting spree in Tulsa, OK on Black Friday in a predominantly black neighborhood.  The spree came on the anniversary of the death of one of the killers’ father, who was killed by a black man.  At the end of the spree, three people were dead and two were wounded.  

We will have a new episode for you next week before we take our winter break, and then we will be back in 2020. Thanks for listening! Until next time… look alive guys, it’s crazy out there!

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