Bonus Episode from Sleepover Cinema – Bring It On

This week while we are on our winter break, please enjoy an episode from our colleagues over at Sleepover Cinema. Sleepover Cinema invites a lovely panel of experts and fans to deliberate on how “Bring it On” impacted their childhoods, self-images, and attitudes as they move through the world.

Long Live King Kobe

We have a special episode for you today, Fruities! Recently, Wendy and Beth were able to interview the mother of a young man who was murdered in 2020.   On December 23, 2020, Tyler Kobe Nichols was murdered in broad daylight when walking home after getting a haircut in Brooklyn, NY. Tyler’s senseless murder devastated his... Continue Reading →

BONUS: Extra Extra from 08/08/22

Hey Fruitloops pod squad! We had some challenges this week and were unable to finish our episode in time, but we didn’t want to leave you with nothing to listen to, so we are releasing one of our Patron only Extra Extra episodes. We release these weekly for our patrons on Patreon, this one is... Continue Reading →

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