BONUS: Extra Extra from 08/08/22

Hey Fruitloops pod squad! We had some challenges this week and were unable to finish our episode in time, but we didn’t want to leave you with nothing to listen to, so we are releasing one of our Patron only Extra Extra episodes. We release these weekly for our patrons on Patreon, this one is... Continue Reading →

Asian Madness: Temple of the (2)Thousand Fetuses

Today’s episode is from The Asian Madness Podcast, hosted by Jessica. Asian Madness is a podcast about true crime, mysteries, urban legends, and anything else weird and creepy from Asia. In this episode, Jessica discusses the 2000 plus fetuses discovered in 2010 in a temple in Thailand. All of them were from illegal abortions and... Continue Reading →

Truer Crime: Jonestown Revisited

This week Beth and Wendy present an episode from Truer Crime.Crime stories are hard to ignore and even harder to forget. But the thing is... they’re stories. And getting a story right is all about how you tell it. Truer Crime talks about real people — murdered, missing, misled — with more nuance, more context,... Continue Reading →

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