Fruitloops will be BACK October 25th

It’s been a little bit since we left you without a dope pod to step to.  Beth and Wendy took a little break but we will be back on October 25th.  Stay tuned for season 2 new full episodes coming soon. For now enjoy a promo from Killafornia Dreaming – and maybe help solve a mystery!

Killafornia Dreaming: The Unsolved Murder of Debbie Dorian (promo)

Have you had a chance to go back and listen to our old episodes?  Which case is your favorite?  Join the conversation across on Facebook, Instagram or twitter with the #fruitloopspod  or  send any questions or comments to or leave us a voicemail at 602-935-6294. 

We’ve missed you, and are glad to be coming back.  Thanks for listening.

Where to find us

Our website is

Our Facebook page is Fruitloopspod and our discussion group is Fruitloopspod Discussion on Facebook

We are also on Twitter and Instagram at Fruitloopspod

If you’d like to support the show you can make a donation on the Cash app$fruitloopspod or you can become a monthly Patron through our podbean patron page –

Your donation will help us continue to make the show and deliver more fire ass content for you! There’s no minimum. Even a dollar would help!

You can also support the show by rating and reviewing Fruitloops on iTunes.  We would love it if you gave us 5 stars.

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