E15: Swift Runner

In this episode Beth and Wendy talk about Swift Runner, a Canadian Cree from Alberta, who committed his crimes in 1879.  He killed and ate his family and he claimed his actions were the fault of the Wendigo.  We get into all of North American Racism and the intense harm it caused, Cree Culture, and the white people who impinged on the Cree peoples lives, adversely affecting their survival.   We describe the Wendigo; and Wendigo psychosis.  We take a deep dive into the murders, Swift Runner’s cannibalistic acts on his family, what made him snap, and the events leading up to his arrest.  We discuss our takeaways and share some tips on “If you love true crime and you don’t want to die. Here’s a tip for you.”.  

swiftfunner skulls.jpg

Remains of Swift Runner’s victims.
Credit for Cover photo and photo directly above Glenbown Museum archives

STATS  Murder type: Mass Murder  Characterized by Cannibalism

Victims: 6, his wife and 5 of his 6 children including an infant

Date of the murder:  Winter of 1879

Date of arrest: May 1879

Date of birth: Winter of 1839 in what is now northwest Alberta

Method: shooting, hanging, stabbing and bashing with an axe

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