E187: The Murder of Monique Baugh

This week Beth and Wendy discuss the murder of 28 year-old Monique Baugh in Minneapolis on the last day of the year in 2019. She was lured, kidnapped, then murdered. The case took a turn and had even more people involved in the crime than originally thought. So this one is a little bit different. Usually we have more victims than perpetrators – today we have more perpetrators than victims.

(note: time stamps are without ads & may be off a little)

First, we dive into the setting (11:30), the killers early life and the timeline (18:18). Then, we get into the investigation & arrest (34:00), “Where are they now?” (47:21) followed by our takeaways and what we think made the perp snap (50:32).

As usual we close out the show with some tips on how not to get murdered () and our shout outs (54:47).

This episode was researched & scripted by Minnie Williams.

Thanks for listening! This is a weekly podcast and new episodes drop every Thursday, so until next time… look alive guys, it’s crazy out there!

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Black Girl Gone 8.21.21 with Amara Cofer


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