E116: Eugene Victor Britt

(note: time stamps are without ads & may be off a little) This week Beth and Wendy discuss Eugene Victor Britt, an American serial killer and rapist. He killed somewhere around 11 people in Gary and Portage, Indiana between May and September 1995. We get into our mailbag and thank our supporters (3.27).  We get... Continue Reading →

E105: Eddie Lee Mosley Pt 2

This week Beth and Wendy get into part 2 on the case of Eddie Lee Mosely, a Floridian serial killer and rapist. He was responsible for the sexual assaults and murders of somewhere around 8 to 100+ black women and girls, and two innocent black men were wrongfully convicted for some of those rapes and... Continue Reading →

E99: David Bullock aka The Happy Killer

This week Beth and Wendy discuss David Bullock, a man who between December 1981 and January 1982, killed at least six people in New York City. First we thank you for your listener letters and support (5:28).  We introduce the story and start with the stats (10:41) then we dive into the setting, New York... Continue Reading →

E93: Atlanta Child Murders Pt 2

This is our part 2 on the Atlanta Child Murders. Between 1979 and 1981, children and teenagers were disappearing off the streets of Atlanta, later turning up dead, terrifying the entire city. At least 28 people in the Atlanta area, most of them young black boys and teenagers, were kidnapped and murdered. If you haven’t... Continue Reading →

E91: William Balfour

This week Wendy and Beth get into the case of William Balfour, the brother-in-law of Jennifer Hudson (the singer and actress), allegedly because he was angry that his wife wanted a divorce and was seeing someone new.  We get get into the stats and setting (12:48) then move into the early life of some of... Continue Reading →

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