E89: Huang Yong

This week Beth and Wendy discuss Huang Yong, a Chinese serial killer, convicted of murdering 17 teenage boys (although he is suspected of 25 murders) between September 2001-03. We begin with listener letters (5:19). We dive into the setting (11:06) the killers early life, and the timeline.  As usual we close out the show with... Continue Reading →

E87: The Briley Brothers

This week Beth and Wendy discuss The Briley Brothers case. Three African American brothers who went on a seven-month killing spree in their hometown of Richmond, Virginia in 1979.  Thanks for listening! This is a weekly podcast and new episodes drop every Thursday, so until next time... look alive guys, it's crazy out there! Where... Continue Reading →

No Episode, but NEW MERCH!

Unfortunately, we will not be releasing an episode this week. Wendy had a family emergency (but everyone is OK) and we were unable to record. We will have a fire ass episode for you next week! In the meantime, we have some new merch for you in the shop, check it out! The new designs... Continue Reading →

E53: Darren Deon Vann AKA Big Boy Appetite

This week Beth and Wendy talk about Darren Deon Vann AKA "Big Boy Appetite" AKA The Gary Strangler, a man who killed at least seven women in Indiana. This subject was suggested to us by Maile in our Facebook discussion group! We dive into the setting (11:40), the killers early life (17:04) and the timeline... Continue Reading →

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